June 2015
Day 1
The Jackos on the precipice of another grand Hawaiian adventure.
First stop in Maui is an annual tradition--the epicly good Ululani's.
We discovered a new burger
& bourbon joint called "Cow
Pig Bun", but the most
memorable part of the
dinner were the dozens of
stray cats that live nearby.
Our first full day in the water--big time waves outside the Kea Lani.
One of Zoe's favorites spots on the island.
Bigs sacrificing himself for the good of the epic GoPro shot.
Wait, it just got better.  Cue the massive header into the surf!!
Bigs is becoming a monster in the water--landing his first barrel roll.
He's getting his inside edge into the wave and shooting some curls.
Later that night, we hit Paia Flatbread Pizza--easily the best on Maui.
After an active morning it was time for lunch.
This little gal instantly took a liking to us.
Day three and we're back to Kea Lani for those tasty board waves.
Another beautiful sunset for the Ekahi pool.
Another dinner at Sansei, more geeking out and Crab Ramen.
Here's what it looks like after a poolside nappy nap.
It's also no trip to Maui without a sneaky father-daughter trip to Lappert's.
Zoe in her happy place, hanging at Sansei awaiting some tasty sushi.
With a later flight home, Craig & Zoe were able to sneak to Ahihi.
With the waves coming in a bit high, only Craig ventured out (right).
Traditional flight day brunch at Kea Lani--plus Lawrence brothers.
Zoe and Craig say goodbye for another year from Ahihi Cove.
A familiar scene in Maui--Anhdai working her consulting magic.
We threw ourselves a curve and hit the Pali Trail.
I guess Seahawk Richard Sherman had the same idea (tall in center)
To cap things off, we cruised over to the theater to catch Inside Out.
Afternoon at the Ekahi pool is always spectacular.  Love this place.
Bigs heading back to the pool after the first session of the trip.
With his forties almost finished, Craig meets a fork in the road.
At the top, we reached the giant windmills.
This awesome tree seemed to be wishing it were in the water too.
Before heading home, we fired up some shave ice.
The view from atop of Haleakala is one of the coolest anywhere--like having the view of an airplane while standing on the surface of Mars.
The whiney shuffleboard king of south Maui.
Waiting for dinner at Longhi's in Wailea.  Thank for the gift, mom!
With the AC out we headed to Kaanapali to meet the McVu's.
The scene from the pool as Craig thought the AC was finally fixed.
Lo and behold he was wrong.  Fire in the hole!!!!
Al makes a valiant, death-defying attempt to fix the AC unit.
Flip dons nothing but a scarf & flops at target.
To celebrate the fourth, we spent way to much money on burgers and dogs at The Four Seasons.  But how could you not have a blast with this view!?!?!
The little guys start geeking out before dinner even begins.
Zoe and Hayley pose before heading off to load up on bbq'd treats.
After dinner, it was back to the condo to light up the beach.
After a full day in the sun it's time for wacky hour at Sansei.
The surf machine didn't have much left in the tank.
The site of many of the happiest meals of our lives--Sansei.
Even Ryan has started to like Sansei...but not as much as Zoe!!
This is the best soup on
the planet.  A heaping pile
of ramen surrounded by
black truffle broth and
fresh crab.  Oh my friggin'
god this stuff is good.
One of our favorite beaches--kahekili, just north of Kaanapali.
After the beach, we hit Leoda's for coconut chicken & waffles.
The "COPS" were a constant digital presence in the condo this year.
It wouldn't be a trip to Maui without a delicious taco night.
The coolest place at the condo (literally this year) is the lanai.  Lots of bougainvillea do a good job of keeping it private without blocking the ocean.
Zoe, Anhdai, Hayley and Terri watch Craig risk his life for the USA.
The next day it was time for a little surfing action.
After a long session in the water it was time for Kihei Cafe breakfast.
Later that day, we checked out the new Maui Brewing tap room.
A tasty Belgian-style ale takes center stage.
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Anhdai and Ryan walking along the ancient trail that begins in La Perouse and stretches all the way around the south end of the island.
Another day in the water near Kea Lani--the waves have been too good.
A boy alone with his wave.  Bigs prepares to dive under this bad boy.
After an action-packed morning, we had an awesome lunch at home.
Most afternoons in Maui we get to chill and catch an Angels win.
Later that night, we
made our way back up
to Lahaina and met the
McVu's at Duke's.  
Before heading in, we
found this epic
rainbow-peeing tree.
Bacon and cinnamon rolls for breakfast for Bigs.
Then we made our way to Upcountry to hike before hitting Haleakala.
This is a completely non-native tree grove that someone built.
Bigs with deep thoughts about his upcoming vice presidential term.
The view of Ahihi Cove.  Waves were a bit too big to snorkel.
So clear you can see yellow tangs swimming from the shore.
Checking out the big waves rolling in at La Perouse Bay.
This is the La Perouse blow hole as the water begins to roll in.
And here is is about 1 second later. It would suck being a fish here.
Anhdai & Zoe like to take their time on these hikes.
The sun bouncing off of
all the volcanic rock made
us look a little red that
day.  Believe it or not,
Craig's jacket was
actually as white as snow.
Craig's last sunset as a 49 year old dips down into the Pacific ocean.  It's been a pretty good ride--now it's time for some kick-ass fifties action.
The little man tries to stay cool as he chills on our last condo morning.
A somewhat cursed trip continues on Craig's BDay.
The menu at Ululani's is a great thing to see--shave ice coming up.
The cute gals at Ululani  working hard to craft our epic icy treats.
Bigs spots some fresh bread at Ko in the Kea Lani.
We ended up with a nice round of waves to ride in the afternoon.
Our last full day begins with some quality pool time.
The view from Craig's pool chair includes a palm tree and a bird.
One last round of waves before heading home to get back in the fray.
A familiar scene--Craig & Ryan hunting big waves.
And here they are in action--each trying to outdo the other.