Main Events
We launched the year with a family getaway to Denver. Check it out.
Milo & T lounging it up at the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day 2015
The B2 Stealth Bomber makes its way over the first ever college playoff.
We were rooting for Oregon but sat in the Florida St section.
Hot Dogs, ketchup & Sprite on lunar new year.  So very Asian!!
Collecting lunar new year cash at Uncle Dao's.
Mama Kwee & The Jackos at Vu's wedding in Huntington Beach.
With the kids on the same spring break schedule, we got lucky
when Mammoth had a draught-year dump the day we arrived.  
Check out the action.
One of the highlights of the year was the Rolling Stones concert.
Before it got too hot, the boys hit Joshua Tree for a mini-palooza.
Best of the night: Jumpin' Jack Flash, Can't Alway Get, Tumbling Dice, Street Fighting Man, Honky Tonk Woman, Sympathy, Gimme Shelter.  Awesome.
Mick & the boys tore up Petco despite all being in their early 70's.
The Flipster did an awesome job putting together a super fun night.
Another highlight of the year was Craig's shocking surpise 50th.
The day after the party we spent Father's Day at the go-kart track.
Terri & Trish holding eachother up at Craig's 50th.
Of course, a visit from Papa always includes a visit at The Cooker.
Papa & Berta came along too and even hit the track in style.
Sweet desserts masked the roasting soon to come.
Papa's happy to be here, while Berta wonders why we're here again.
Ryan doing the bulk of the work protecting Josh from this boulder.
Check out some more pics of Joshua Tree National Park
Our annual trip to Maui (forever to
be known as the trip that got
"heated") wasn't our best trip to the
Valley Isle, but we still had a blast.

Check out a gazillion pics.
Zoe and Ryan trying to really hard not to act like fools before Shelly arrives.
Craig, T, Sean and Flip assemble for a quick selfie after the festivities.
Another Jimmy Buffett visit found the Jackos and Kahrs at Irvine Meadows.
Al & Cookie arrived in late July to celebrate Ryan's 13th Birthday.
One night, Craig took them out to attend Pagent of the Masters.
With Craig leaving Alcone, we had some
time to de-compress and get away from it
all for a few days.

Check out our trip to the Central Coast.
Lifelong buddies Zoe & Syd celebrate Shelly's epic 50th birthday.
A Denver bang-bang weekend started with Buffs hanging tough with USC.
Sunday, Craig got to see Manning set the TD record before a loss to Chiefs.
The Jackos getting ready to all run the Dana Pt Turkey Trot for a change!
The lunatic super fan that sits near our Chargers seats.
Proof that Craig would bubble it up before Sean got home.
Chargers and Chiefs played an epic game that slipped SDI into the playoffs.
And here's Craig qualifying for the DK Final after a MNF game vs Chicago.
The divided Chavis family during the annual USC-UCLA game. USC crushed.
Relaxing at Andy D's pad to enjoy some post-race refreshments.
Then it was over to the St Regis for another epic Thanksgiving Day Brunch.
Zoe and Hayley chilling out for the game and checking social media.
Craig & Anhdai back at
Andy D's for his annual
fundraiser for needy
kids in the OC area.
Craig photobombs the ladies sipping mini bottles of champagne. So long, 2016!
The annual cheesy bomb at the new year's party vanishes in minutes.