Month 197
For some reason we bought popcorn after the movie "Inside Out".
One of my favorite restuarants on earth--everything there is tasty.
Waiting for Sansei to open up so we can get out of this island heat.
No trip to Maui would be right without some sneaky trips to Lappert's
The fam on a hiking trip along the route to the top of Haleakala.
Looking pretty mellowed-out as we wait for our sushi at Sansei.
One last selfie before we head home. Check out more Maui pics here.
We're looking pretty red as we watch the sun set from Haleakala.
Enjoying some fresh tacos during Ryan's favorite dinner of the trip.
Enjoying an epic Fourth of July at the Four Seasons with Hayley.
Most of this month was
dominated by annual
trip to the condo.  Here
we are on the plane,
ready for some serious
aloha action.
I'm usually game for a little surfing with the old guy.
Mom and I trying to catch up with the boys.