Month 132
Jan/Feb 10
Inspecting my treasured red envelopes at Chinese New Year's dinner.
We can get super close to the beach without getting sand on our stuff.
Our new beach hangout is Salt Creek.  Great park.
Even little Zoe likes to visit this beach, because she love to climb trees.
With some gift cards to burn, it was time to hit American Girl again!!
Super Bowl party with the Tobins, O'Connors and Tobins.  Hi Nick.
Chloe "Big Eyes" Olwell, practically giddy about the cookie cake.
My fifth grade teacher, Mrs Cuevas is so nice. She's starting our play.
My buddy Yvette was in the audience to watch me perform this year.
Little Zoe says hi to all of you snow-dwellers.  It's 75 here, suckas!!
My best school buddy these days has been Lauren.  We laugh a lot.
On the day of my birthday, we got to visit our favorite desert spot.
The backdrop of Krispy Kreme just begs for a nice black & white shot.
Aaaaw daddy, you shouldn't
have.  Of course, if you
didn't, I'd be very upset.  
But you shouldn't have.  
We did a play about organs, I that's me the spleen.  Dad was so proud.