Month 133
Feb/Mar 10
My squad got a little distracted by these adorable little puppies.
The other team was led by my good pal, Lauren.  Here she is flexing.
And here's her co-hort, Serena.  She's one of my funniest friends.
Alexis stitching together some flip flops--mom's always very crafty.
We had a blast doing a mall scavenger hunt for my 11th birthday.
Dad took this cool overhead shot of us playing games before bed.
Bigs goes topless for the ladies (shocking).  That little guy is nutty.
The next day, we went to breakfast at the fantastic Pancake House.
Here our all of our designer flip flops.  We looked so cool that day.
Blowing out candles on my birthday cupcakes.  Hello age 11, baby!!
This guy seems to be our waiter at every restaurant we visit.  Nice guy.
Shay-Bay is dad's favorite.  He just thinks she's hilarious.  And she is.
Alexis order the breakfast of champions--strawberry pancakes & bacon.
After breakfast, we launched into a little Rock Band battle on the Wii.
Even with all the young ladies around, Bigs can't keep away from his DSi.
Justin Bieber is a geek.  We had a great time trashing his poster.
We capped my birthday off by ringing/running Shayla's cousins.
I got my ear pierced.  That's right--just one ear.
Aaaah, it's like home away from home.  Standing in line at Starbucks.
Bigs holds court, as I open up all my birthday presents. Wow, Faith.
It wouldn't be a good year at LNES with an award!!