Recap of Sloshball XIV "Sloshball Night Fever" 2008 is now posted!!
Championship Team History
1995:  Craig Jacobin's "Sloshers"
1996:  Andy DeLorenzo's "Cubbies"
1997:  Art Quintero's "Chuggers"
1998:  Dan Whatshisname's "Boozers"
1999:  Scott Haiduc's "Dillos" (cheated)
2000:  Scott Haiduc's "Dillodemption" (refused to cheat)
2001:  Andy DeLorenzo's "G-Spots
SFA:    Scott Haiduc's "Swift Justice"
2002:  Dan Barnett's "Motley Brew"
2003:  Jay McGrath's "Nine Jerks"
2004:  Chuck O'Connor's "Keg Babies"
2005:  Mark Tobin's "All Balls No Bat"
2006:  Duke Kahr's "Duke, Duke & More Duke"
2007:  Mark Tobin's "Big Squeeze"
2008:  Milo Chavis' "Da Brewers"

Sloshball Homer Derby Champs
2000:  Jay McGrath
2001:  Dan Barnett
2002:  Jeff Templeman
2003:  Kevin Dryzga
2004:  Leslie Mackey

Sloshball Hall of Famers
1999:  Sean Kahr
2000:  Dave Oskorus & The Keg
2001:  Anhthy Tobin
2002:  Milo Chavis
2003:  Mark Tobin & Andy DeLorenzo
2004:  Mike McNeill
2005:  Anhdai Jacobin
2006:  Duke Kahr
2007:  Jim Annan
2008:  Craig Jacobin

Updated Home Run History
14 Homers
:  Mike McNeill
9 Homers: Jay McGrath
8 Homers: Jeff Templeman
7 Homers: Craig Jacobin
6 Homers:  Dan Barnett
5 Homers: Dan Whatshisname, Gary Oakes
4 Homers: Jeremy Barelyknew, Darren Knudsen, Chuck O'Connor
3 Homers:  Art Quintero, Milo Chavis
2 Homers:  Andy DeLorenzo, Al McGough, Brian Hickey, Sean Kahr, Jon Oskorus,
Jeff Something, John Serieka, John Cornelius, Danny Padutti, Brad Holtmeier, Doug
Gorrie, Anhthy Tobin, Jim Annan
1 Homer: John Koning, Don Ho, Nick Haiduc, Dave Oskorus, Mike Whoever, Morgan
Somebody, Paul Backcap, John Petsch, Kevin Dryzga, Donnie Disbro
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        Top Ten Greatest Sloshball Moments
10. Ian serves notice that even bare-footed Kiwis need to be taken
seriously during Sloshball, as he makes a valiant attempt to record
Sloshball's first inside-the-park homerun (2001).
9. Craig receives a pie in the face as he announces the winner of
Sloshball II, courtesy of Davey O.  This event also marked the
introduction of the original mini-Jacko Trophy (1996).
8.  Duke appears in the first ever Sloshball Hall of Fame Video, and
steals the show with his fine acting, highlighted by his poetic depiction
of an elephant-maimed thumb sucker (2001).
7. Sean takes the Sloshball national anthem from bizarre to sublime
with his inspirational appearance as "Blob Marley" (1997).
6. Tuyet redefines the term "sloshed" as the rarely-seen Sloshbus
returns from post-game fireworks in Laguna Beach (1998).
5. Craig sprinkles the sawdust of the ill-fated original Sloshball Guitar
upon Sloshball Field, as Scott Haiduc eloquently plays "Taps" on his
bugle (1999).
4. Sean sums up his induction into the Sloshball Hall of Fame by
stating, "It's not baseball, it's not softball, it's Sloshball!" (1999).
3. Dave, Sean, Scott and Bill perform what many have called the
greatest anthem ever, "YMCA" (2000).
2.  Dan Whatshisname ushers in a more dramatic phase of Sloshball
by smashing the Sloshball Guitar to pieces while Sean relaxes
unsuspectingly in one of the outfield porta-johnnies (1998).
And the number one Sloshball moment...At the conclusion of
Sloshball V, the champion "Dillos" team is treated to a rare
appearance from its mysterious, yet over-sized mascot (1999).
This site is dedicated to 14 great years of Sloshball Orange County history.  Special
thanks to all who have given their time and talent to Sloshball OC over the years;  
Dave, Sean, Bill, Milo, Scott, Suzie, Mark, Anhthy and of course, Anhdai, Zoe and
Ryan. And thanks to the literally hundreds of people who made the game so fun to
play over these many  years--It's been an awesome ride.  Now stay tuned for the birth
of Bigsball in 2009--a new event that will carry on the spirit of Sloshball in the OC!
- The Commish