Founders DeLo and Joe.
Andy introducts the old "keg disguised as bike gear" trick to get the goods
into the park.  Andy, challenged slosh organizers the world over thank you.
But that didn't mean that the day's game wasn't without a couple of close
calls.  Here comes NYC's finest looking for something they'd never find.
Instituting another genius solution for executing a sloshball game in public
view--Andy & a fellow Slosher set up the "umpire" in a Gatorade Tub.
Nicole gets set up for a long day of sloshing action--the first annual Sloshball
NYC is about to kick into full gear.  General hilarity soon to follow.
The Pac-10 North Team talks strategy as they're about to step up to bat.
The Pac-10 Northies take a smoking fastball and the action is underway!
Marcus getting ready for a massive swig...I mean swing, then a swig.
You know, nothing beats an ice cold beer in a the middle of the day.
Andy displaying the undeniable look of someone who's living the dream.
Andy and his friend, who I'll just go ahead and call Miss Sloshball NYC.
Sloshers look on as the game progresses into the afternoon heat.
Andy looks nervous as the effects of Sloshball begin to impact his team's play.
Todd & Eric get ready for the first-ever Sloshball NYC chug-off.
Scott takes a massive cut in hopes of making it to second base asap.
A slosh inevitability, a close play at third and Sloshers on the ground laughing.
Rachel, Scott, Tracy and Andy soak in the glory of the first-ever Slosh NYC.
Sgt DeLo, Joe, Scott, Eric, Mick, Marcus, Patrick & Todd celebrate the
draining of the game's most valuable player--a slosh-job well done!
Sloshball NYC retires to Doc Watson's for the post-game spread, of course
featuring a healthy dose of post-game beverages.  Long live Sloshball NYC!
On a hot summer day in the world's
greatest city, a young man named DeLo
realized a dream.  In what may go down
as the finest achievement in Sloshball
chapterhood history, DeLo's hard work
and cunning led to the playing of the
great game right in the heart of New
York's Central Park.  The Big Apple
will certainly never be the same.  Behold
the glory of Sloshball NYC 2006!!