Trip To U-Dub
Oct 2018
Time for another college tour for Bigs, and oh my, the Buffs are in town also!!
Lots of cool old gothic buildings and trees everywhere.
The tree-lined walkway down to Frosh Pond and Drumheller Fountain.
The UW campus is really spectacular. Boulder still rules but this is a close 2nd.
Italian delectables hanging out at the best sandwich shop in America--Salumi!
The view from the Space Needle on the day Ryan learned of his sick SAT score.
The epic electric guitar display at the Museum of Pop Culture.
They had a special horror movie exhibit and Freddie's glove.
The Clem Clan in their Buff gear.
Nothing says partying with the parents like beer pong.
The next day, Craig and Bigs split off and checked out some pre-flight sights.
This is Gas Works Park, a cool way to make good use of industrial architecture.
Then it was off to Pike Place Market, one of the coolest spots in town.
Man, this I have no idea what made the first person ever wanna eat this thing.
The gum wall has been greatly reduced since my last visit, but it's on its way back.
This very cool Octapuss seemed pretty comfortable hanging out in his tank.
The Buffs could be in for a tough game. Good thing we have reinforcements.
Another group shot as the boat inches its way toward Husky Stadium.
We started off game day with a buffet breakfast and a few bloody marys.
Checking out the view from Lake Washington and pondering life as a Husky.
The only way to head at a UW game is to "sailgate". Such a blast.
The whole gang on the back of the boat as the cocktails begin to take effect.
Finally parked and ready to head in for some football. Lotta boats out here.
One more group shot of the Johnstons, Clems, Levines and couple of Jackos.
The big man takes a couple of seconds away from his phone to smile for a pic.
The Deuce in the gray hoodie.
Yep, that's our ride home.
Main Events
Craig making a final phone call to remind Zobo to tune in.
A drone's eye view of the city from high above our AirBNB rental home.
Day One
Day Two
The opening ceremonies before the Buffs & Huskies get it rolling.
Husky Stadium is pretty big, so it doesn't feel like a college stadium.
Craig decided that despite a huge brunch, there's always room for chowder.
The views from the stadium are about as good as they come.
Some post-game chilling while Clem works to get his drone up in illegal airspace.
Captain Adorable
finally found
something that
would fit him for
the flight home.
Day Three
We ran into gun activist David Hogg doing an interview at Pike Place.
When you find a place with Turkish coffee, it's time for coffee.
Before heading onto the flight, we stopped by the Seattle Aquarium.
The many stands that stretch for about a quarter mile at Pike Place.
The trip back and arriving back at Salmon House, home to Salmon apparently.