Main Events
In his final tour, Smalls & Flip got to see Elton at Staples Center.
Santa Margarita Eagle Griffin Canning makes his pitching debut for the Halos.
There's just something about Disneyland during the holidays--and it's nice and cool.
It's holiday week, so time for the Jackos to hit Disneyland!
A few weeks later, Craig was back in Boulder for AXO Dad's Weeekend vs USC.
The AXO ladies put together a nice tour day at one of the local breweries also.
Mueller finally issued his report and left judgement to Trump's corrupt AG. WTF?!
Craig got in a day of skiing with Clemmie in May...and it almost killed him.
Shohei shaking hands with the fans--he's been hurt all year.
Hanging out on the lawn to watch the fireworks at Aliso.
The Buffs stormed back to knock off the Huskers for the second straight year.
Here is Milo firing up a massive helping of chicken tacos while Josh stands guard.
The ageless Terri Vu finally joined the 50 year old club. Cocktails on a Laguna rooftop.
Watching the sun go down over main beach with some frosty cold beverages.
For a little town, they actually put on pretty solid show.
The summer of 2019 brought us another tragic chapter when Tyler Skaggs died.
The first of several beverages before the fireworks began.
After buying Stones tix in Denver and LA, Craig got this free Stones Cooler.
Lawrence O'Donnell signs his book at the LA Times Festival of Books at USC.
We weren't on Maui this year for the Fourth but we still got into the water locally!
A few weeks later it was Craig & Anhdai to see the Stones at The Rose Bowl.
This one was a blast--we had floor seats and some cool folks nearby. Great show.
Craig saw the boys in Denver with Darwin and the boys were on their game as always.
Broncos-Rams pre-season
game. The last time I saw
these guys at The Coliseum,
we barely escaped that surly
Raiders crowd with our lives.
Craig made it out to Boulder to see Zoe on parents weekend who took this great shot.
Craig with Zoe doing homework from the Pearl St Starbucks before the flight home.
The Stones are so clearly the best band ever, it's not even close. Crushing for 60 years!
The Stones take their bows to a thankful crowd. Hopefully this won't be the last time.
A delicious beer from the right field Knothole Club.
Caught Cage The Elephant and Beck at Five Points in Irvine. Beck was not great.
In July Craig took Ryan to DC and Data Analytics camp at Georgetown. Check it.
One of a long-standing tradition of "boys nights" at Angels Stadium.
We took a massive 3-week
trip to Maui this year to
spend some time with a
bunch of these guys. This
year we finally spotted the
crown jewel--an octopus!

Check out some great shots.
Ryan won a trivia contest at this year's Tet Party & Uncle Dao's 80th birthday party!
Dad & Berta made it out for a pre-Christmas visit. Here they are at the boat parade.
Bigs refusing to share his Buff pride in case UCLA is watching.
Smalls & Bigs take in the game. The Buffs just didn't have enough.
The Buffs came out to face UCLA and we had a big crew out for the action.
Trinh,Cassie and Gary in their full UCLA regalia.
Paul & Anhdai, clearly wondering if they'll make it to the game.
Hannah G walked right by us at the Bolts-Packers game.
Enjoying a delicious beverage on Thanksgiving morning.
We Jackos mixed things up with Thanksgiving at Mastro's this year. Tasty stuff.
But it's a little easier at Thanksgiving knowing she'll be home in just a few weeks.
These are pics of the CU-Nebraska game that Craig couldn't attend. But a classic game.
Sean and Craig in their optimal seats at the Home Depot Center.
Greta Van Fleet came to Irvine
this year and Sean and Craig
went to check them out. In a
classic bit of Wreckage lore,
Sean got shhhhh'd while
perhaps the loudest band in
rock was banging out their
monster set. Epic.
It's always so hard to say goodbye to our little Buff.
It wouldn't be 2016-2020 without a steady flow of protest picks. Impeachment time!
We closed out the year
with a trip to drop Zoe
off in London. Little did
we know, it would be
our last trip for a while.

Check out the pics.