San Francisco College Tour
Dec 2018
Off for another college tour--this time to San Francisco.
The view of the bay from behind our hotel near Berkeley.
Our tour guide for the UC Berkeley campus. Nice campus, strange students.
Ryan in front of the Cal Bear. Not looking super enthused.
The iconic Sather clock tower on the Cal campus.
Cal also has an amazing campus. Probably looks great when the trees are in bloom.
The entrance gate between Berkeley and the campus.
Later that afternoon is was over to tour Stanford...which is totally outrageous.
If you've never been, Stanford is like the Disneyland of college campuses.
It's not very big but the entire campus is immaculate.
And this huge grassy area must be pretty cool on a warm fall afternoon.
It's not a religious school but the church on campus is really impressive.
As you can see, Ryan was really taken aback by the entire experience.
The next day we stumbled upon SantaCon in the city.
Men and women half dressed in XMas garb, and this guy.
Even the faculty here hates Trump. Good work, team!
We made our way over to see Cal take on San Diego St in Haas Pavilion.
Then the next day we saw Denver get knocked off by the Niners. Eek.