Jun 2018
Our first stop of nearly every trip to Maui is a post-flight treat at Ululani's Shave Ice.
Then we quickly dump off the bags and hit the water--here the boys are pre-Polo.
We did a little early morning snorkeling before heading back to the Ekahi pool.
Ry scoping out some little waves at the beach outside the condo.
The pool is always a chill spot for us to cool off and play some shuffleboard.
A day in the water at the Kea Lani's Polo Beach was in order the next day..l
Then it was off to Haleakala by way of the Surfing Goat Dairy outside Kula.
Craig gets an overhead of the kids' "room" while he changes some fan lighting.
This little guy seemed to want to be photographed.
These littel guys are so cute and they can really jump. Ryan and Zoe saying hi.
The family Jacko stopping along their hike for a family pic.
A big tree along the Hosmer's Grove hike midway up Haleakala.
Until these man-o-wars showed up in the water. Ouchie!
The coolest Sea Turtle shot of literally thousands. This little guy was not amused.
Ryan dives down to get under a big sea turtle at Makena.
After a long snorkeling sesh, it was time for chicken & waffles at Nalu's. So good.
We stopped by the aquarium to check out this cool octopus.
The next started with an epic snorkeling session at Makena.
Zoe looking carefully to make sure there aren't any sharks coming for her.
The view of the open ocean from atop Honolua Bay.
The next day we doubled down on snorkeling and hit beautiful Honolua.
The best mac nut ice cream on the planet makes Lappert's a multi-visit must.
Our first night always seems to delivery a solid opening sunset and this year delivered.
Bigs is pumped for a solid 10 days of body boarding at Polo.
The jungle hike from the road down to Honolua Bay.
Not sure what this plant was but it sure was symmetrical.
Zoe stops along the hike to catch her breath.
Some of the best pictures
are at the tide pool just
outside of the
condo--especially around
Ryan at Polo beach as he drops in on a solid wave.
Ryan and Anhdai, probably going on a clandestine fruit run.
Honolua has a very rocky shoreline but the snorkeling is worth the effort.
Another day at Polo for some solid body boarding and chilling out.
Ryan enjoying another burger and fries at Kea Lani.
A final dip before the flight tomorrow--always a sad moment.
The whole family went back to catch another movie a the "celestial cinema". Mahalo!!
A memorial of flowers at the top of Haleakala.
A cool ice sculpture of real fish on the seafood display.
Another family pic up near the top of Haleakala.
Nick Robinson and Amber Heard sharing a laugh.
Another couple of super stars...oh wait, Craig & Anhdai.
Each showing in Wailea draws a huge crowd for movies under the stars.
After a solid session all morning Craig and Ryan took a break to have lunch at Kea Lani.
Ryan ordered his usual fare, while Craig fired up some Asian-inspired french fries.
It was actually a bit mellower than we expected. Here's Flip with a tasty beverage.
Colin Farrell being interviewed with Craig in the foreground.
This was our first Maui Film Festival and it was amazing.
One of the drop-in areas at Ahihi Cove--the snorkeling spot for the biggest fish.
Honolulu Coffee is a common pre-snorkeling stop for lattes.
Flip enjoying some after-dinner coffee at Duo Steakhouse at the Four Seasons.
Private dining at the Four Seasons. Someone's getting engaged!
Ryan busting a pretty good wave--the dude is getting really good at body boarding.
Ry leaning into a wave to get some really good cross-wave movement.
After all these years, Bigs finally got a decent shot of the master in action. Sweet ride.
Craig takes a break to get a little sunshine and plan for the next set.
That night, Smalls & Flip busted out for the Taste of Summer festival at Grand Wailea.