Events 2015: DraftKings Championship
One of the highlights of 2015 was Craig's big win in DK. Here's the first check.
The final took place at the Hard Rock in San Diego.
Friday's festivities were highlighted by a rooftop cocktail party with the pros.
Craig & Brad made the DraftKings website chatting up "Condia" that night.
Saturday included an all-expeses paid round at the Del Mar Country Club.
A "grab what you want" pro shop visit and more goodies & lunch in the cart.
The guy we golfed with made the final 10 and placed 3rd overall. A bit of a jerk.
The final research binder Craig put together was an absolute monster.
The world title belt was only a few feet away at the start.
When Cousins-Jackson-Reed blew up early, it was clear that Craig should have
gone with his alt lineup, which ultimately would have equaled a $1 millie payday.
The best fantasy player in the world at the time. Nice guy and a Broncos fan.
FantasyLabs' Jonathan Bales is probably the industry's best data analytics guy.
Here's the guy we golfed with who made it to the final 10 and finished 3rd.
The eventual winner is a world poker tour guy who had a great final round.
Near the end of the day's games, DK brought out $5MM in cash for all to see.
The pile of cash up on the stage with some heavily armed security gals.
The final 10 on stage, which unfortunately didn't include Craig...this time.
Despite the tough day, the whole weekend and $25k payout were a blast.
The goodie pack waiting for all 200 contestants in the hotel.
Once he qualified, he spent the next six weeks cramming.