Central Coast
August 2015
Everyone was happy to get out of the car for a few hours and eat.
After a hellish drive, we had dins in Santa Barbara.
Vina Robles is so cool--like a mini Irvine Meadows with wine tasting.
Chris Isaak left the stage and ran right past us during his show.
At the Reagan Library we met the soon to be President Flippy.
The next day we hit Solvang & then Simi Valley.
Lots so surfers along the right side of the pier.  Pretty cold water.
Next stop was San Luis Obispo to check out Cal Poly & the mission.
A quick stop at Morrow Bay where this seagull was standing guard.
Then it was on to Paso Robles, which was pretty cool.  Legit wineries.
Fish Gaucho in Paso Robles was OUTRAGEOUSLY good Mexican.
Bigs mowing down fries at Vina Robles Ampitheater in Paso.
Even these two fools.
After dins, it was time for a quick cool down at McConnel's. Yum.
The next morning we made our way up the coast.  First to Pismo.
Where we found an awesome camping beach near sand dunes.
Here's the long pier in the center of Pismo--a pretty cool beach.
Just a couple of dudes, bringing to some cool to this dusty old town.