Events 2014: Maui-Kauai
We took an early flight so that we could lay our eyes on this on day one!
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DAY 14
There's nothing like that first day dip in the Pacific.
After a little sun, we had a tasty dinner at Monkey Pod.
Up early to get his game on, Ryan fires up iPhone and a diet Coke on the lanai.
There's nothing quite like the sheer joy the big man exudes in the water.
The GoPro (and too many diet Cokes) definitely ratchets up the showmanship.
It's a not stop mix of laughter and guy talk between sets.
He doesn't play little league any more but we still play toss.
With the fam down hitting the waves, Flip chills by the pool.
Craig enjoying a new red Hitachino Nest at the truly epic Star Noodle.
The sun sets in Lahaina as we make our way over to Ululani for some shave ice.
Zoe digging into what would be the first of many sweet treats on this trip.
Everyone getting in touch with events back home in a typical 2014-era scene.
Looking at this awesomeness
on the Fourth of July is a Jacko
family tradition that has been a
lot of fun these past few years.
Zoe with a mischievous smile after receiving a "top secret" text from Syd V.
That Craig is one super hilarious dude after you get a few boat drinks in him.
A familiar scene from condo life--chilling in the condo, with Angels game on.
We've been wondering what these road side things are--they're bee hives!
Yet another terrific sunset takes shape as viewed from the lanai at the condo.
After a relaxing day on the beach, it was off to Duo for dins.
The super cute portion of the Jacko family relaxing before an awesome dinner.
Ryan gets up close and personal to his Fabiani's calzone.
After a great time in larger Ahihi, we shot over to La Perouse to take some pics.
It's early in the morning--time for another snorkel run!
Some pretty intense gangsta tagging happens in Kauai.  This sh*t got real.
Then it was a pretty chill day at the expansive network of pools at the hotel.
While the boys had sandwiches, the ladies has a poke from Koloa Fish Market.
Dinner at La Spezia was fantastic, highlighted by this tasty antipasti spread.
We want shopping later that night and stumbled upon yet another epic sunset.
Good news--we found a Lappert's pretty close to our hotel.  Such good stuff.
The next day we returned to Koloa Deli for sandwiches and Zoe met a new pal.
Yes, this is Zoe's idea of good hiking shoes.  Let's hope she survives.
The Jackos looking all fresh and spry at the outside of their epic hike.
Ryan and Zoe at the head of the Kalalau Trail.
Almost immediately, you start jetting out over some pretty awesome scenes.
A pretty typical view of the trail, which got pretty rocky in several parts.
This tree seemed to be trying to call out to a relative in China.
The king of the root beer & lime combo has a green smile.
We took another full moon star cruise.  Well some of us did.
Zoe and Ryan navigating their way through all sorts of stuff.
The best pic of the hike, you can see the trail finally descending on the left.
Our destination beach through some foliage along this epic hike.
A panorama shot of the beautiful Pacific Ocean from a resting spot along the Kalalau Trail.  We made about 4 miles of serious hiking and were beat.  Some go full 22.
Dinner was interrupted by the most epic sunset any of us have ever seen.
The mix of colors just seem to get more brilliant with each passing moment.
One final shot of probably the only sunset that we'll never forget.  Happy 4th!
Before long, about a hundred people stood snapping pics.
An early start for Zoe & Craig meant it was time to snorkel.
We made our way to the terrific Ahihi Cove inlet in Makena.
The view of the inlet as we make our way into the early morning water.
Despite it being a little cloudy, we had a pretty nice view of the fish that day.
Zoe standing up above the inlet after another great Zobo-Smalls snorkel trip.
Very cool looking banyan tree stretching out of the south end of the cove.
Stopping at Honolulu Cafe for some energy reinforcements.
Back to the pool with Craig's trip book in the foreground.
What you can't see in these pics is the heat. Craig about died.
Just in case you missed the warning signs.  Beware!!!
Ok people, we get it, very hazardous beach coming up.
Then it was back in the water on our beach from some more boarding action.
Craig gets right up on the edge of the cliff (no, he wasn't relieving himself).
A reprised shot of Bigs in the pool from one of our first trips to Maui.
Stacks of battered boogie boards drying off on the lanai.
Being silly for a group shot at the top of Waimea Canyon.
Anhdai and Zoe snuggling up under the golden light of another Hawaii sunset.
Another view of the rainbow forming in the distance over Waimea Canyon.
Ryan playing the fool and cooling off at the same time at our hotel.
Koloa Deli made some outstanding Italian sandwiches for us that day.
We threw ourselves a curve ball one night and want to the local stock car race.
Despite how un-touristy it sounds, we actually had a blast watching the action.
After two weeks, we had about 150 shots like this of make GoPro adjustments.
Even in the water, the big man still proved to be pretty ticklish.
After a day of fantastic
boogie boarding on Polo
Beach, we made our way up
to the Kea Lani poolside
grill for a  delicious lunch.
The super friendly owner of the Kihei Cafe in action.
Watching the start of the USA-Belgium World Cup match from paradise.
We tried out the new Mastro's location and it is really good. We'll be back.
Celebrating America's birth with about 1500 calories each from Lappert's.
Bigs & Smalls on their boards at The Cove awaiting a few big ones. Slow day.
Zoe making her way out to the surf for a little wave action on a sunny day.
Ryan gets up and takes this little guy all the way near the shore.
This guy was perhaps the most patriotic surfer in America that day.
In case you haven't had enough, here are another couple of shots of Ry in action.
This one got a little hairy for the big man, but he survived with a clean ride.
Known as The Grand Canyon of Maui, we had a great time checking it out.
Zoe and Craig pondering some deep thoughts about life, love and happiness.
Meanwhile, Ryan and Anhdai stay vigilant in looking out for rabid weasels.
A cool little rainbow begins to form off in the distance with a river below.
The final chapter on Maui wouldn't feel right without a stop at Sensei Sushi!
Anhdai and Craig looking very relaxed and ready for some great food.
Waimea has some pretty surreal looking streams.
That afternoon we walked over to check out the Andaz.
After all that, you need to navigate your way through a rocky river barefoot.
This old property boundary fence must have been put up a long time ago.
The lava fields down on that end of the island always look like life on Mars.
Our last day on Maui couldn't pass without some pool time for the kiddies.
This view from the pool gate always means that adventure won't be far behind.
Will this be our final stop at the famed Ekahi Condo? We hope not.
After landing in Kauai, we had a very pretty drive over to our hotel in Poipu.
This is Shipwreck Beach, just outside of our hotel, The Grand Hyatt Resort.
This pooch seems to be wondering if his owner is going to make it back alive.
A last minute decision to hike Waimea Canyon was a solid.
Zoe talked her mom into switching shoes with her for the hike back.
The Koloa Deli sandwiches tasted outrageous at the halfway point of the hike.
Ryan decided to leave his own rocky offering to the Kalalau Trail gods.
Stacks of descending-sized rocks littered the rocky beach.
After a grinding day on the trail, Craig hit the hotel jacuzzi with a Red Stripe.
Ryan doing his daily push ups as he builds himself up for 7th grade.
With the girls chilling at the hotel, Craig & Ryan did some Kauai Ziplining.
The pick-up shack had its fair share of these crazy looking massive spiders.
Some of the ziplines here were just incredibly long and high over the canyon.
On one ride, Ryan had to be retrieved from the middle--the rigors of lightness.
View back toward the ocean from one of the landing ramps.
The two adventurers with their snazzy zipline helmets after a fun day.
A final look at the big waves along Shipwreck Beach--too big for us rookies.
An early dinner at Bubba Burgers capped off another magnificent vacation.