Main Events
Ryan displays nerves of steel on Splash Mountain.
At midnight, we all ran outside and silly stringed eachother & dad's car.
Craig & Anhdai at the Performing Arts Center before Book of Mormon.
John Stover was in the neighborhood for an Angels game in June.
Our annual trip to Maui included Kauai this year and was a blast.  Hit it.
My co-workers hate when I hit Maui and post epic shot every day. Payback.
The Buffs knocked off Hawaii but Craig decide to coach up Sefo anyway.
Craig in the new Jets stadium to watch the Broncos run wild.
Craig visited his grandfather's grave for the first time.
Flip & Smalls went to Vegas for their 20th anniversary.
Jimmy Buffett put on a great show--the dude still has it going on.
Fins to the left, fins to right, and you're the only bait in town!
Flip gives it one more shot to bring home some bacon at the airport.
Zoe & Craig saw the Bolts knock off the Hawks in 115 degree weather.
Robert & Kailey got married in Utah and had a 2nd reception in Denver.
What happens when you bring beer back to CU games.
Loading up on a foot long for his first Halo playoff game.
Our dude, "Salty Nuts" wishes us Merry Christmas!!
We had lots of chances but couldn't bring home a winner that night.
Jered Weaver loosens up for game one vs. the Royals as the flag unfurls.
Just a few weeks later, Craig was back in town for two-pack of games in Colorado vs. Oregon St and the Broncos vs. the Cardinals.
Of course, that just meant that it was time for another beer garden pic.
Craig & Dean participated in the flag ceremony at the Denver game.
From the fifty yard line in the center of the field. Such a great time.
The view of the flag from above courtesy of the Mile High Stadium cam.  
Peyton Manning
threw touchdowns
500-503 in the game,
putting him within 5
of the all-time record
held by Brett Favre.
Our annual holiday pilgrimage always includes a ride on Small World.
Three Jackos and some sort of alien make their way toward Disneyland.
The highlight of whole sordid affair was the curly brick.
Key edge to being local--you know where the camera is.
Zoe slides down some ice at the Queen Mary.
Wrapping up another
solid year with the Phan
family holiday shindig.
Later, 2014!
Craig & Ryan looking fired up to turn in some good times for the race.
The first time the Jackos have run a 5K--the Dana Pt. Turkey Trot.
Our post-race reward--Thanksgiving Brunch at the St. Regis Hotel.
Anhdai & Craig relaxing before feasting on turkey, sushi and desert.
This year, we kicked things off with a rager on New Year's Eve.