Events 2014: Mammoth Trip
Our first stop on the road was for pizza at Pieology.
And our first stop of the next morning was for sugary joy at Schatt's.
One last stop at Schatt's in Bishop before the long drive home.  Yummy.
Andrea is looking a bit freaked out on her tube lift.
A classic Jacko selfie on the ride up the hill and on to snow-tubing glory.
Bigs after another excellent snow tubing run.
Hey look, it's the Mammoth Mountain mascot.
Kicking it in Pumas by the fire in the main village.
"Hapy Irte" to you, Zoe J.  Happy Valentine's day too.
Oh look at this lovely young snow maid we found.
Nothing gets these guys more fired up than the sight of fresh snow.
Ryan really got it rolling on the slopes this year.
And Zoe always seemed to be one step ahead of us fools.
If you're wondering what "rustic luxury" means, don't.
Flip & Bigs in the gondola up
to the base of the mountain.  
Let's do this Jackos!
The kids woke up to find about 4 inches of fresh pow-pow.  Yowza!!!!!!
While we did the same run for two days there were a few cool side tracks.
Riding the bus from our life of "rustic luxury" back to the mountain.
That's The Flipsta on the other side of the run enjoying the scenery.