Austin, Texas
"Spread The Stoke"
Day 1
We got things rolling with a round of margs at "La Fonda".
Before long, our very own Chupacabra met his maker.
Nothing says Paloozian magic quite like the symmetrical hotel lobby shot.
From there, we ventured into the warehouse district for some live tuneage & brews.
Meet the greatest BBQ joint in America...and it ain't even close, people.
Finally...our delicious order of nearly $300 in BBQ and beers has arrived. Dig in, boys!
Franklin's has lots of BBQ sauce to choose from. All of them tasty.
We arrived around 8:30am to get in line behind a few hundred ready for lunch.
The brisket at top left might be the greatest single thing any of us have ever had.
The Texas State Capital with the lone star flying high in the warm October sun.
The boys competing for pics of the amazing rotunda in the state capital building.
Up bright and early the next day, the paloozians headed south to San Antonio.
After a quick lunch, it was over to The Alamo, which we'd almost forgotten.
Jacko, Allie and Milando excited as they inch toward glory.
This model of the battle of the Alamo was pretty cool. People were huge back then.
Another lovely group shot of smiling Paloozians in front of The Alamo.
It's true--this drunk octopus was looking to throw hooks.
You know things are wack when you see a pic of this goof and miss the good old days.
Boy these Texans really wanna let you know they'd really like to go solo.
These are the pens that LBJ used to sign civil rights sign bills and local BBQ deliveries.
We then hit LBJ's presidential library and his oval office.
Staying true to their Paloozian roots, the boys get things rolling with some OCs.
One of the guys that will be chasing Bevo around walked by.
These young ladies begged us to hang out with them.
The Texas fans are almost all dressed in burnt orange shirts, jeans and trucker hats.
Then it was over to Craft Pride for some delicious beer & darts.
That night it was off to watch a few million bats fly out from underneath this bridge. It was awesome.
Here's our boy Allie Wallie taking masterful aim. I guess he really is part Irish.
Rainey St is an area basically lined with restaurants, bars and music halls.
Clem makes his way up to the outside balcony to take some pics and pretend that he's eating lunch.
Milo can't contain his excitement as we were now within striking distance of brisket.
The paloozians gather for a group photo inside one of the bars along Rainey St.
Day 2
Two hours before the line moves, they take orders.
This year's festivities led us to one of
the coolest towns in America--Austin,
Texas. If you like good music,
outrageous BBQ and college football,
Austin is the town for you. And we
happen to like all those things.
Day 5
Day 4
Day 3
The perfect dish before a Texas game--a plate full of tacos.
Clemmie headed home to Denver, while the paloozians ventured on to Houston.
The famed Astrodome--once one of the world's great wonders, still stands nearby.
That's George W. Bush being wheeled out to perform the game's opening coin toss.
After a long day of sight-seeing, it was time to hit a brewery.
Another artsy Palooza shot courtesy of professional photographer, ClemBox Clemens.
Saturday got rolling early as the Paloozians tailgated UT-style.
Out of the blue, Clem decided to mount this horse topless.
Sean doing Monday penance for his many paloozian culinary sins.
The guy holding the lone star flag was Mathew McConaughey, UT's biggest fan.
The pre-game festivities and pageantry of college football is the best.
Al in his happy place...just moments from a pint of fresh beer.
Texas scored very late to eek out a big win over the ranked Baylor Bears.
The Paloozians enjoying the back and forth action between Texas and Baylor.
Then we cruised Austin's main drag on what was basically Halloween party night.
The Paloozians extending a tradition of steak dinners at Austin Land & Cattle.
Austin sunset from the outside of the stadium as we make our way out for steak dinner.
Now back in Austin, we hit Easy Tiger for some dinner and back porch whiskey drinks.