"A Flock of Foxes"
Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five
We kicked things off with a little beer & axe throwing at Dagar.
After a few beers, we were ready to toss some axes, especially Al, who's part Navajo.
The boys in the cage. Bill has already landed one, as Al puts a little back into his throw.
But in the end, it was this old West Virginia boy who beat us all.
The proud owner of the log palace, ClemBox Clemens awaits his breakfast burrito.
Day two meant fishing, so the Paloozians were up early on a bright sunny day.
Bill and Al take a moment to catch their breath and swap stories of the one that got away.
Seanie's backswing as he prepares to launch another one into the drink.
Jacko put on his big boy pants and crushed the "The Ditch Slap" after golf.
Then it was back to the log palace for a few frosty cold ones from the porch.
Tommy "The Pound" Pounders joined us that night for a little reggae on the rocks.
The opening band Hyrie got the night rolling before Rebelution took over.
There is just nothing in the world like a Red Rocks concert. No venue comes close.
The next morning, the Paloozians were back at it before the Buffs game.
Al and Chris sit back and discuss random theories about Star Treck and Star Wars.
Zoe and her freshman buddies showed up to hang with the old people for little bit.
Before the Paloozians woke up, Craig snuck out to take Zoe for a drive up Flagstaff.
The view from up on top of the roof of the champions center. Always a great view.
Colorado crushed No Colorado 41-21 to give the Paloozians a nice win on game day.
Nothing epitomizes the Paloozian experience quite like Colorado stream fishing.
Jacko landed the first trout of the day, a decent sized brookie.
But B-Luv brought home the biggest fish of the afternoon.
Then it was on to Denver for Broncos pre-game festivities at Brooklyn's.
Another spectacular fall day in Boulder, home of the beautiful flatirons.
Jacko & Pound spent the night convinced this wasn't an eagle
The next day we were greated with a perfect day for some golf.
The boys dig into
their masterfully
prepared ribeyes and
old fashioneds back
at the log palace.
We then made our way to Hernando's Pizza & a toasty campfire.
The night ended with a moose visit followed by a "flock of foxes".
Ralphie makes his way onto the field followed by a heard of jacked up Buffaloes.
Seanie leads the charge to head over to Mile High for a big game with the Cowboys.
Early in the game, we had a 30-minute lightning delay.
But the Broncos paid us back with a 42-17 trashing of the Boys.
Everyone had to leave their seats and wait the storm out, which was a bummer.
Looks like we got out just in time, as the first snow of the season hit WP that Monday.