Colopalooza 2010: San Francisco
"Fun With The Fellas"
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Day Two
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Day Five
Barely ten minutes into Palooza 2010 and the boys are already reporting dirt.
The famed Anchor Steam brewery is right in San Francisco.
Look at the guns on this guy...and those muscular legs...and the man purse.
We hiked through the woods with a Sierra Club guide.
In a city of awesome landmarks, the Golden Gate is still one of it's coolest.
A cluster of young paloozians are spotted in Muir Woods just outside SFO.
This young sappling tree was really only 3 feet tall.  Thank you Photoshop.
Craig saves the paloozians from certain death as a redwood falls over the trail.
The paloozians prooving that they are almost as tall as these trees.
We found this guy was having some redwood snacks at the end of our hike.
After Muir Woods, it was on to meet Sean and have a little mexican "food".
Milo gets the credit for this one--so tight you can see the bombs firing.
To start the playoffs, Robin Williams did a pre-game rant to fire up the crowd.
Sitting in the three-row arcade is one of the best spots in this stadium.
What we first thought was an influx of Hasidic Jews became a national craze.
Paloozians, ready for a little playoff action against the Atlanta Braves.
The mighty Tim Lincecum fanned 14 that night--a Giants playoff record.
A few homer-hoping kayakers hang out in McCovey Cove behind our seats.
And every year he proves that he's probably more worth of the man purse.
If only the beer-pastrami combo were still just 65 cents!!
If you're ever near AT&T Park, hit Tres Agaves--very tasty.
The stress circle that once surrounded a nervous redwood.
Coppola's Rubicon Winery in Napa is a must-see.
Willie McCovey greets you as you make your way inside.
Milo cuts up some treats with the crazy WT's we met.
It was stomping season in Napa.  But we spared America.
Every year we try convert Milo into a grown-ass man by offering him  fresh beer.
This apparently is some of the steam that make steam beer.
Sean holding up the 9th K, as the theft-fearing crowd below starts booing.
The first win of what would become the first series title in San Francisco!!
The paloozians take a moment of silence to ponder all the fallen paloozians.
Luckily Grgich had these lovely reading glasses for the guy who's now blind.
The city on the left and the Golden Gate on the right during our drive back.
City Lights bookstore, where all the great beat poets used to hang out.
This little guy has the life--bagging rays at Heitz Winery.
Five wineries and  80 glasses of wine later, we were done.
Al Davis hasn't looked this good since the late seventies
And if you combine palooza and 80 glasses of wine...well, you guessed right.
That night we mowed down an
insane amount of Chinese food at a
place called something like Huey,
Loui and Gooey in Chinatown.  The
dumplings were spectacular.
Instead of tailgating, the paloozians wanted organic eggs.  Seriously?
The Bear's Lair is where the students gather to pound oversized brews.
Craig & Sean outside Tommaso's in North Beach.  A pretty good spot.
We checked out Johnny Nitro and a bunch of aged hippies at The Saloon.
After the game, we dined, drank and dashed at the under-staffed Raleigh's
Then to close out the night, it was on to the famed Lefty's for a night cap.
A day spent watching Neu's timid Bruins get rocked is a day well-spent.
Al and Milo take a break from the heat just outside the stadium.
Milo watching some of the morning games and praying for his Chupas.
Sean gets ridiculed by some locals for wearing a Giants cap to a Raiders game.
The paloozians enjoy a final round on their last night in the city by the bay.
As much as I hate and despise the Faiders, their tailgating was pretty dense.
The Cal campus is sweet, highlighted by the clocktower.
This guy's outfit was awesome.  Love the turtle shell.
It was Merriman's final game as Bolt.  Major bummer.
He had a supply of blood that he would squirt in his eye and mouth. Niiiiiiiice.
Palooza is like a box of chocolates.  You just never know what you're gonna get.
And to top things off, the rotting corpse of Al Davis brought in the flag.
The Faiderettes came into the stands to take pictures with the paloozians.
Our seats were pretty solid.  Just eleven rows up on the 30 yard line.
The view from the end zone as the Chargers season began to implode.