Colopalooza 2011: DENVER!!
"The D Moves"
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Day Two
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Day Five
Just hours after landing, the boys hit it hard at Winter Park Bike Park.
The boys dig into some eggs and pancakes before hunting trout.
Al and Chris chat it up with our guides at the fishing shop in town.
The Paloozian are dressed and ready to reel in a few big ones.
With all the pine beetles eating the forest, things are pretty sparse.
Funny, I don't recall hoping for a 40 minute hike today.
The Ale House by Chez Dink was a good spot to stock up on craft brew.
Al risks his life in ankle deep water to catch a trout.
Another nice shot of what is the start of the Colorado.
The view from atop an entire mountain of groomed bike trails.
The Log Palace II has finally been broken in by the Paloozian brothers.
After a quick dinner in Morrison, it's off to Red Rocks.
Surprisingly, Al also napped after our trip to Blackhawk.
Then it was over to Mile High to see the Broncos play the Raiders.
Run DMC & the weather did in our heroes.  God save the manatees!!
After several hours of
serious downhill riding,
Craig stops to enjoy the
beauty of the Rocky
Mountains as this
mysterious creature
passes by...and no, this
was not "Uncle Sean".
Nothing  matches up to the freakish food joints in mountain towns.
Sean and Chris comparing notes on how loud Craig's snoring is.
The best part of the Log Palace--the world's loudest cornhole game.
Sean's magical red bag sails through the air.
This is pretty much what it looks and feels like at an STS9 concert.
The stream was a little to low and slow for good fishing but it sure looked awesome.
Clem in the water with a GoPro strapped to his nuts.
Garlic-covered ribeyes sizzle on the grill on the Log Palace deck.
A cool mountain breeze, a cold Ranger and a little sunshine. Niiiiiice.
Rise 'n Shine is the place to go to in Winter Park for breakfast.
Dean & Clem enjoy some pre-game libations in Boulder.
A great day in Boulder--except for a 36-33 loss to Cal.
Our next day kicks off with a great breakfast at Panzano in the hotel.
Clemmie and his new best friend, the GoPro action sports camera.
The first day of the NFL season and the boys are catching early action.
Coors Field is still one of the coolest stadiums in all of sports.
Dean discusses the evils of Texas Hold 'Em with some random fools.
10 years ago today, several Paloozian were ticketed to fly.  We drove.
Don't be shocked, but Al fell asleep after breakfast.
But he was back after winning in Blackhawk.
We saw a lot of sasquatch action that weekend but nothing like this.
A hard day on the hill warrants a couple of beers at The Cheeky Monk.
Oops, it appears that perhaps Sean has had more than just a couple!
It was the 10th anniversary of 9/11, so we had a major pre-game show.
The Rockies beat up on the Reds in a battle of 2011 softies.
If you ever hit a Cheeky Monk in Denver, order the artichoke dip. Wow.
24 of the nearly 10,000 dollar bills that cover the walls of Hernando's.
First the GoPro, then Snooze.  Nice work, Clem.
Why not take a break from photos and watch the video?  Click the pic.