Month 223
Aug/Sep 17
I final visit to Banzai
Bowl in Laguna
before I head off to
This is it--the car is packed and I'm ready to go. Dad is a friggin' total mess however.
Dad & Ryan waited in Back Bay to watch my flight cruise over. Bye-Bye OC!
Mom took me to Boulder to move in. Here am at the airport.
The whole gang showed up to greet me at my new home.
The move in process at the dorms went super smooth.
Freshman welcome night at Folsom to officially make us Colorado University Students.
Indian dinner with mom before she heads back home.
My first shipment has arrived. I'm so official now.
Dad had a small note on the calendar back at home to mark my first day of school.
I did some google hangouts with dad to try to cheer the guy up a bit.
Dad brought some VooDoo Donuts for the tailgating party before the Buffs game.
After a few weeks, dad came out for a weekend to see his Baby Buff.
My room is pretty organized, if I say so myself.
My new friends at Buck are from all over the place.