Month 193
Feb/Mar 15
Sydey and I, laughing it up at Plums for breakfast in Costa Mesa.
You know, I'm a big fan of
traditions--especially when
they involve me getting
flowers.  Thanks, Dad.
At the greatest coffee place in OC on my birthday.
A building painted to honor the French terrorist victims last month.
The Hollywood sign, hoving over the City of Angels.
Ryan, Sydney and me looking quite spry on my 16th birthday.
Griffith Park was cool, but a bit smaller than I was expecting.
That's Griffith on the right and LA in the distance on the left.
Checking out a beautiful sunset and dusk surfers from beach.
Watching the sun set over Laguna Beach at my fave, Banzai Bowl.
Finally, it's time for my birthday party.  Here's Hayley, ready for tea.
And of course my old friend Sydney Toole was there for the action.
Hayley, Syd and Tina at The Tea House in San Juan Capistrano.
The rest of the crew--Sydney, Siera, Carolina, Lauren, me & Hayley.
After tea, we wandered over to take this great "lineup" shot.
Opening gifts back at home after the party.  I got some great gifts.
Collecting my cross country certificate at the season
Collecting my cross country certificate at the season
I've gotta say, I have always loved birthday cake.
After a fun day in LA, we had some sweet 16 cake.
First stop was The Grove for UK wallet shopping.
Then it was over to Griffith Park for a view of LA.
Driving behind Sanford & Son to LA for the day.