Month 175
Aug/Sep 13
Arriving at school for my first day as an ANHS Wolverine.  Yipee!!
At my first XC country meet at Laguna Hills.  Luckily, no running.
We get there super early and set up camp for the entire team.
We like to find a juicy spot on the lawn and eat lots of snacks and tickle each other under the stars.  We always have a nice time hanging out here.
Then we stay there all day until the races are over.  It's a long event.
Here I am with the little man on our way to symphony at Irvine Meadows.
I'm not sure if they're closing this place soon--this might be our last show.
Cookie & Al came out to check out places to leave and we had lunch.
Which means that I quickly had to get back to running to work it off.
My new daily ritual of
hopping into dad's car for
the drive into school. Let's
do this, old man.