Month 162
Jul/Aug 12
Koa, Shayla, me and
Lolo acting like
fools in Target.
Dad took me and Yvette to Ted's for a juicy breakfast.
Keana's birthday pizza party at the beach was fun.
Me and Hayley relaxing with our camp buddies.
This girl's name was Minessa and believe me, she was a wild one.
Makayla hanging out on the lawn wondering when dinner will be ready.
Makayla and Syd have been friends from their time at the Ziggeraut.
The camp also has an olympic-sized pool.  We spent a lot of time there.
This rooster looked pretty darn ugly when you get up close.
Hayley has no idea what she's signed up for this week.
On our way to Camp Sherman--me, Hayley, Makayla and Syd.
This is the year I learned the term "selfie" and I'm making good use of it.
Makayla looks pretty cool in Camp Sherman gangsta hat.
The ride out is usually pretty fun--lots of laughing.
Syd can look really tough when she wants to.
We found this deer on one of our walks at the camp.
There are tons of farm animals at this place--like this nice young duck.
Our view is pretty nice from the camp area.  
Hayley looks down before scaling up the side of this rocky mountain.
This is the lake that is on the camp's property.  We always have fun there.
Leave it to Syd to find some small veggies to stuff up her nose.
Some of them we get to hold, like these totally cute baby chicks.
Or this super fuzzy little bunny.  I want my own bunny so bad!!
This turtle was pretty fun to watch.  They move so slow.
Oh boy, this is not a place you want to go after chili has been served.
Me and Ryan in front of Universal Studios.
One of the Universal tour trams cruising through a set.
The water crashing down through the town.
Me, Ryan, Dad and Mom (ok, that's really Curious George.