Month 150
Jul/Aug 11
Nothing gets us Jackos more fired up than costumes.
Papa & Berta came to visit and we took them to Treasure Island Beach.
I always like going to this beach because the Montage Hotel is so pretty.
Hayley came over for the night, so it was  a perfect time to TP her house.
I love seeing whales out
in the wild--they're such
cool animals.  See ya
next month.
Hey, I got to go kayaking for the first time this month.
A day of Jacko fun with the bumper boats at Boomers.
There were Blue Whales near us this month, so went to look for a few.
It didn't take long before we found a giant blue whale--about 70 feet long.
They aren't as active as humpbacks, but we did get to see this one fluke.
Once they go under they fly--they can be miles away when they resurface.