Month 144
Jan/Feb 11
With a free Saturday to spare, we hit the San Diego Zoo for the day.
Bigs playing with his iPod Touch while we escalator above some beasts.
After the zoo, we hit Old Town for Mexican food and fake mustaches.
The Old Town Cafe always has some choice mariachis playing tunes.
When Syd comes over to spend the night, the hijinx always ensue.
I love when my parents pick up bagels for breakfast on Sunday.
My and my best buds enjoying
breakfast at the Pancake House
after a sleepover party.
My twelfth birthday party was at Sky High this year.  Lots of buddies.
Emily, Alara, Me, Shay, Lauren, Bigs, Cory, Yvette, Sarina & Alexis.
Sky High is a place where you bounce on trampolines.  Lots of them.
And if there's ever been a dude who love to bounce, it's my bro-ham.
Here's Ryan making his move into a bunch of foam.
Emily has obviously had a few gymnastics lessons.
After bouncing around like crazy we had some lunch.
Of course we enjoyed the official food of all birthday parties--pizza.
Then we wrapped things up with a little present opening.  A great day.
Then it was back to the house for a mom-inspired Zoe trivia contest.
Dad didn't let me down.
Here's this year's
edition of my birthday
flowers.  Thanks, Pops.