Month 129
Oct/Nov 09
Grandma Cookie and Big Al came out for a Halloween visit this year.
Which means there plenty of room for us to act like fools and show off.
Hanging out at one of our faves--Pacific Whey in Ladera Ranch.
I think I'm getting too old for this.  When am I getting a cell phone?!
Hey everyone.  Jack is getting bigger
every day--and now he's almost
completely white.  One of his favorite
things to do is chase balls around the
house and back yard.  He's a great buddy.
Here's my buddy Yvette dressed as a very fashionable pirate.
And there's Chloe--half good, half evil.  I think she's 100% good.
Not to be left out of the action, Wolverine and Anakin join the fun.
The day after Halloween included a tasty breakfast at the Montage.
Halloween was exciting as usual.  We had a bbq dinner at the Olwells.
Here's we are with our grands overlooking Treasure Island beach.
Even though it's early November, the weather is still beautiful.
Dad thinks the water is too cold but I'm a kid so it's warm to me.
Hey, I'm getting really good at this half turned twist & smile pose.
I like this beach because it's really pretty and not too crowded.
My best buddies in the neighborhood after a tasty meal at Islands.
Enjoying a delicious cup of
decaf coffee.  See ya guys.
News flash--my brother is a fool.  And that's before his root beer.