Month 121
Feb/Mar 09
Here's the scooter gang's lemonade stand--we made a lot of money!
Hey everyone--Zoe here.  Things
are good--I'm doing well in school,
enjoying my hip-hop dance class,
getting ready for another trip to
Maui next year and...uh...going
through puberty.  Oh my gosh,
did I just type that out loud?!?!  
Oh well, I guess I had to become
a tween sooner or later!!
The set of ATV, where I did a live segment about Valentine's Day!
Aah, the old guy did it again.  Here I am with my birthday flowers.
And here I am with my pal Joanie, before my mystery birthday bash.
We all got special names and passports before getting our clues.
Here is Camryn looking pretty pumped for the day's festivities.
Ryan and Camryn were a team--and they won the whole thing!!
Syd sporting a lovely unibrow, as she partakes in a plate of fruit.
Ok, now that is one really cool looking and mysterious birthday cake.
The master sleuth himself, Bigsy "Sherlock Homie" Jacobin.
Here I am looking very suspicious after a string of petty thefts.
It just figures that Bigs would get the gig in Paris--lucky little dude.
Considering Mom can't handle laundry, bank robbery is a bit of stretch.
I always had Dad figured for being a Tasmanian Pilgrim burgler.
After my birthday party, Syd was
able to sleep over.  And it's rare
that we have Syd over for the
night when she doesn't put some
sort of vegetable-related items in
her nose.  This time it was the
friendly potato, in the form of
two delicious french fries.  See
you again soon.