Month 114
July/August 08
Looking pretty cool in my leopard hat at Bigsy's 6th birthday party.
Here's my BFF at the party too--wow Syd, you're looking pretty tan.
Papa & Berta came to visit for Bigsy's party.  Here we're playing Wii.
We got to meet Roberta's new granddaughter at the LB Aquarium.
One day we went to the Beachcomber but I wanted to go home.
One of my artsy pics I took at the pool--Dad let me borrow his camera.
Here's another one--this time a self portrait.  I love going to the pool.
And here I am doing some mermaid moves underwater.
I'm letting you know who's #1 during our annual trip the OC Fair.
I love taking the sky ride to scan the thousands of deep fried options.
Nothing says "county fair" like posing with a giant block of cheese.
Or putting our mugs in one of these cut-outs.  Hey look--Bigsy's a girl.
Dad likes going to the fair--where else can you get fried pop tarts?
And the rides are fun and scary (mostly because carnies run them).
Another day at the pool and another self portrait--I call this "Toes".
One night we saw the Wizard of Oz with the symphony playing.
Every summer, I like to do a couple of camps with my buddy, Syd.
This week, we went to a YMCA camp that took us to Mud Park--yeah!