Main Events
The Early 80's
Graduation from Columbine High School 1983.
Enormous Varnet sunglasses and Carole Brandt.
Darwin Horan and his "diploma".
Finally, Craig can get out of this robe!!
There were always great parties in Craig's neighborhood.
Craig's friends, Holly & Shane bust up.
The often imitated, Mark Plouffe.
Honestly, I have no idea what's going on here.
Two more high school pals--Andrea and Linda.
The Beach Boys--Matt, Darwin, Mike & Craig.
Devin & Darwin on the drive to Frontier Days.
Craig & Daphne at Senior Homecoming.  We broke
up about an hour later.  Classic high school stuff.
Looking quite dapper with Kelly at Senior Prom.  Another
classic--I'm pretty sure we never kissed the entire night.
Heading for college, with the Power Wag in The background.
Another "woodsy" family picture. Nice prairie dress, Mom.
Craig's college roomie, Dean Olson dresses as
a woman for our annual Halloween bash.
This year, Dean literally spent the entire semester sleeping on
the couch--he never cleaned his room enough to sleep in it.
Anhdai & Anhthy (my god, who would have thought they'd grow
up to be so pretty?) and Nhan at one of those so-80's wave pools.
One of the few surviving pics of the entire Phan family.
The first Jacobin family trip to Hawaii and Craig destroys his
back in the sun on day 1 (hence the t-shirt addition).
Having dinner at one of Craig's all-time
favorite restaurants, Longhi's in Lahaina, Maui.
Craig was really into skating around this time.
Stefan, our German foreign exchange student.
Christmas at the Phan house.  Nice matching outfits, kids!!
At Aad & Jose's house during a Jacobin family trip to Europe.
Golf ball diving with Darwin, Devon and Ritchie.
Craig & Dean, with Rick Velani (our would be escort roomie).
Heading off to the 84 CU-Nebraska game with Dean's buddies.
Craig, Matt, Mike and Darwin at their home away from home.
And a shot of the rocking party that would soon unfold.
Darwin prepping for another Saturday bash.
Quite possibly my favorite photo of all time. During one of our annual trips to Frontier Days in Wyoming, all three cars we came up in
broke down on the way back.  Here we are taking a break from hitching along I-25--a perfect time for a group photo of perhaps the
single most pathetic group of guys on earth at that particular moment.  For me, it was a chance to capture one of those unforgettable
moments of youth.  But for Keith Nichols, it was just another opportunity to show someone his ass.  And photographic magic was made.