Main Events
A little hijinx at Clem's wedding.
Our first trip with Terri & Al to Laughlin.
Little Jeremy and Anhdai at the Denver Zoo.
Near the old brookie stream in Breckenridge.
Flip's very first trout...held up
close to magnify it's massive size.
This was back in the day when we actually bought
Keystone Light and felt damn good about it.
Sean Kahr "Wreck" at a beach party.
Ian McClelland and Al McGough on Turkey Day.
This was the year we supplied bogus appetizers.
Captain Flipper getting pouty at Sea World.
Taco Bell shoot with Greg LeMond.
Playing around with my little buddy.
Riding horseback in Vail during our first trip together.
Another day, another massive, fighting trout.
Poised to hunt down more fish--camouflaged Craig.
Anhdai in front of Bo Bo China in Boulder.
Hiking in
Boulder with
Chris & Carrie.
And here they are in all their glory.
Ian, Anhdai, Al and Terry after way too much wine.