Main Events
The Early 70's
Cruising the neighborhood on my very first cool bike!!
Craig digs deep for more Cracker Jacks.
Pretending to be excited about a microscope for Christmas.
Hamming it up at Kristen's birthday for Kim Marsten (top left).
Kristen and Craig with the best pet ever--Teppie.
Hamming it up with mom while we pack for a trip.
Customized stockings--how sweet is that?
Catching a decent trout at Crystal Lakes.
Craig in 1973--the obsession with football had already begun.
Craig's shockingly solid 4th grade class photo.
I completely remember
begging my dad to take
this shot because my pants
were about to slide off,
which would have led to
my pantless death before
about 30 cub scouts.
Yipee, a new Fred Flintstone puppet.
Displaying sizeable skills in the driveway.
Craig & Kristen being quite buddy-buddy.
Santa was a little nervous that year.
The young Jacko family takes a trip to Arizona.
Anhdai in Southern California with Uncle Dao, her brothers and
cousin Nhan.  And that's her dad in the red shorts.