Main Events
The Late 60's
Main Events takes off with this shot
of Craig in 1966.  He's trying to
work his way out of his crib so that
he can head outside and check out
the comely neighborhood babes.
Craig's favorite picture of all time, the
infamous "go ahead, make my day" shot.
Craig feeds Poppie a delicious, pre-moistened cracker.
Craig with Poppie and Dad in the backyard in Denver.
Time for a sprint...back in the day when yards were fenceless.
One of Craig's favorite toys--some sort of horse/rabbit combo.
Now that is one sweet little boy.
Gramma Crissy takes a picture of the entire Jacobin family.
I actually remember taking this shot.
Catching fish for the first time ever with Poppie.  He took me
to a trout farm and spent a fortune as I kept reeling them in.
I remember thinking I was the coolest dude in town, riding this
horse at the old Centennial Race Track in Littleton.
Hanging out with Poppie around 1969.
Christmastime at Gramma & Poppie's house again.
Digging into a donut
with my good buddy,
Gramma Crissy.