Main Events
It's hard to have this moron as our president but it helps knowing plenty agree.
Zoe & her friend Farrah joined Craig in Santa Ana to protest Trump's presidency.
For President's Day weekend, we made our way to Big Bear. See more pics.
The year got off to a powerful start at the largest protest in American history.
The march was part of the Women's March and there were events everywhere.
Chilling with a few drinks as the crowd at Dodger Stadium file in for Billy Joel.
Billy put on an epic show--banging out all of his hits with an appearance by Pink.
As we wait to hear from CU/Boulder, Craig and Zoe did an AZ tour. See more.
One of the speakers at the LA
Times Festival of Books was the
surprisingly tall Chris Hayes.
Mimi and Trung were in town for a visit, so we hit Surf and Sand for dinner.
The view from Top of the World above Laguna Beach after a long Jacko fam hike.
Nothing like having a brush fire spark up right down the street. Yikes.
Zoe made it into CU, which means time for a killer orientation trip. See more.
Dropping Zobo off at John Wayne is always a sad day but she'll be back soon.
We took a Christmas trip to Vegas and ran into this lady.
Flip hard at work bringing home the bacon and frying it up in the pan.
With Zoe home, it's time for some comedy gold courtesy of Balderdash.
No holiday is complete without a trip to Disneyland.
Clemmie came out to visit Sarah and see CU at UCLA.
Back in Boulder for another game and more Zobo time!
He also slayed the Edge Listener League.
The Jacko parents at the streetlight installation at LACMA.
Craig went with Sean to a podcast master class with Adam Corolla at Improv.
Another chapter of our  tradition of having someone else cook for Thanksgiving.
Getting the new LA Chargers rolling vs the Chiefs in the mini stadium.
Zoe & her new crew are decked out for their first Buffs game as Buffs. See more.
A few of the black Eagles players protesting racism during the national anthem.
The Jacko clan gathered around the Christmas tree at the St Regents.
Yeah, this was a decent weekend for Smalls.
The setting sun on the Buff's season as they drop another close one to USC.
Clemmie prepping a competitive pizza on CU Parent's Weekend. See more pics.
Craig found these rocks at the DEN-LAC game and then clocked a huge DK win.
But at least we had the Buffs band nearby to lead our section in Buff cheers.
The Buffs struggled to hang in a game they probably should have won.
The whole crew made it out for the festivities and a few choice malted beverages.
The highlight of any holiday trip to Disneyland is the carole-themed Small World.
We thought it would be fun to be here on New Year's Eve. It was a tad crowded.
For Sean's 50th, we had dinner at Playground and then caught Snoop at HOB.
Zobo in a perfectly executed photobomb of the Jacko men on Thunder Mountain.
Man, you can just feel the heartwarming Jacko love in this one.
The fools in action with Snoop Dogg. An extremely eventful year in the books.
Here we are on the Jungle Cruise and all-time Disneyland classic.
Ryan opens up his latest edition of Angels gear featuring Shohei Ohtani.
Flip trying to unravel another one of her oddly creative Christmas gifts.
Christmas Eve at the Jacko house involves a lot of delicious Italian treats.