Main Events
Bloody Mary's with Dean at Copper Mountain.
Mama Kwee is all dressed up for her big 70th birthday party.
Al & Kristen during a March visit to check out some Hollywood sites.
Sean and Trish at the start of Milo's 40th Birthday.
Duke Kahr just before his big win & epic burst of "Suck it, Trebeck!!"
Ryan having a great time at Milo's party with his front teeth missing.
Milo playing the fool with his grandmother and some mustaches.
Chuck, Sean and Milo
enjoying a few cold ones
before the Buffs take on
UCLA at the Rose Bowl.
Chuckie with his 80's cop glasses and spicy Irish demeanor.
Praying for an upset before kick-off. Umm, yeah, those went unanswered.
This year, we finally returned to the St. Regis for Thanksgiving.  So tasty.
The week they visited happened to be when Elizabeth Taylor passed.
Here's what happens when you mix a day off of work and some wine.
The kids all fired up on unlimited desert pose for the annual holiday shot.
The year's festivities included an
epic trip to Denver as Craig &
his friend Ray made their way to
Mile High to see Tebow perform
his latest miracle.
Believe it or not but this was a sand castle in the lobby.
Craig stopped in PIT on his way to NYC to Crissy.
It would prove to be their last visit.  We miss you!!