Main Events
After years of email reunions, Craig's old St. Louis agency finally had a real
reunion. Craig went back to the historic Saratoga Lanes for the big event.
The next morning was St. Patty's Day.  And nobody does St. Patty's day like a
midwestern beer town like St. Louis.  This is the crowd at 10am.
Before catching a late afternoon flight from St. Louis, Craig was able to "grab
a little pine" during a stadium tour of the new Busch Stadium.
Then on the way out of his hotel, he got to pretend he was a Detroit Red Wing
(apparently they stayed at the same hotel).  That's Nicklaus Lidstrom.
For the first time in forever, the Angels got past the Red Sox in the ALCS this
year.  Here they are before game one of a series sweep of the bean towners.
15 years later and Anhdai's "budding lawyer" is still doling out peanuts, rally
monkeys and the like.  It must be really tough to pay off those student loans.
Sean & Al kicking back at the AC Milan vs. Galaxy game for a little
mid-summer soccer action at the Home Depot Center.
The next series vs. the Yankees featured the final appearances of several great
Angels--Vlad Guerrero, Chone Figgins and game 7 stud, John Lackey.
This year, we decided to beat the piping in our cement slab to the punch by
re-routing everything around the outside of the house.  What a mess.