Main Events
Trinh ushers in the new year with a bottle of
Patron at the Chargers-Pats playoff game (The
most pissed I've been after a game).  The
bottle survived nicely...sadly, Trinh did not.
In a game in which LT was running like a wild stallion, stupid
Marty Schottenheimer tried so hard to not play Martyball that
he cost the Bolts a Lombardi Trophy and himself a job and
immortality.  A good coach but not enough guts to be great.
For the annual Craig's X-Mas Present Night Out, the boys hit
another Ducks game.  I believe this olive is still in Dave's car.
Scantily clad models with beer logos generally don't get past
the crew very easily.  Sean & Al prepare for a taste challenge.
Milo, Sean, Craig and Al prepare for glory at the annual
Bruno Classic Golf Tournament that Davey O does each year.
Honest to god, Craig took the Longest Drive title by about two
feet.  It may have been the finest drive of his paltry career.
In one of the best games we've seen in The 15 years we've had
season tix, Antonio Cromartie became a star by snagging three
Manning interceptions and the Bolts held on to beat the Colts.
Night games at the Q usually call for a few
hours  watching our fantasy teams get killed
and sipping margs in Old Town San Diego.
This was part of the nasty wildfires that took
out quite a bit near us and a bunch of San
Diego.  We didn't see blue sky for over a week.
One Sunday evening, the Kahr's had us over for a little BBQ.
Little did we know it would be his neighborhood in flames.
Thanksgiving took place in Breckenridge and
Denver this year.  
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Anhthy and Anhdai looking suspiciously red at Duc's wedding.
Kristen, Gramma Crissy and Craig in town for the 90th Bday.
The old "Jacobins" sign that Poppie made so many years ago.
"Can any of you kids do 125 crunchies...well let me show you."
Gramma's neighborhood church and site of her birthday party.
Craig's dad did a great job putting together the party.
A nice way to close out the year--happy birthday, Gramma!!