Winter Park
Day One: Eat My Dust
Bill and Craig both appear to be ready to draw as they enter Beau Jo's.
Finally the boys arrived to unpack in their native homeland--the illustrious Log Palace.
We soon spotted a huge red fox making his way past the Palace. Probably smelled pizza.
After unpacking, the Paloozians ventured off to Great Adventure for some four-wheeling.
Craig looking deadly serious about avoiding breathing in about 3-4 pounds of mountain dust.
The lads quickly make their way up the mountain, catching awesome views along the way.
Before long, the Paloozians had risen high above the valley--a perfect spot for a group shot.
Bill figured this crickity old railroad bridge would be a great place to risk his life at altitude again.
It must have been one hairy ride to take this railroad over the pass back in the late 1800's.
Beer-hating Milo sits in agony as the Paloozians hit yet another brewery.
Meanwhile the rest of the Paloozians enjoyed their tasty suds a Hideaway.
Hideaway always a great range of fresh brews--something for everyone.
Sean decided to add his own collectible ski map to Hideaway's collection.
Before embarking on a day of fishing, the Paloozians received their rations.
Poor Clemmie started his day by snapping his flyrod in half. Yowza.
Before heading to Denver, we hiked above tree line on the Rogers Pass.
Reaching the top we found a clear mountain stream. No idea where this water comes from.
Here are the Paloozians getting the inside scoop on how to drive one of these bad boys.
And once those hot pies arrived, the guns really started firing. They were gone in mere minutes.
For veteran Paloozians, no structure embodies the Colopalooza experience quite like the famed Log Palaces just outside of Winter Park, Colorado. The original Log
Palace I was owned by the esteemed ClemLord and stands just a few miles away from the current location. It was awesome. But after the ClemLord inexplicably sold
Log Palace I, the Paloozians experienced a few years of darkness until his son ClemBox finally rectified the gaping hole in our hearts by purchasing the equally
magnificent Log Palace II. We've spent more time at these two Log Palaces than any other place over these many years. They are both very special places, the site
of many great meals, lots of Old Fashioneds and loads of laughs. In fact, if you've ever been there yourself, chances are you've never really left.
Day Two: Man vs Trout
Day Three: Minimal Oxygen
Day Four: Bolder in Boulder
Day Five: Here We Go Broncos!
Yes, that is a fresh brown bear track that Smalls found near the stream.
After noon, the Paloozians transitioned to a secret spot on the Fraser.
After a long day fishing, we hit Fraser Brewing for tasty reinforcements.
If it were up to Craig, Palooza would be nothing but pizza, beer, trout fishing and football.
But as has often been tested and proved, the Palooza waits for no man. Here's Sean in action.
I think most of us still favor Hideway but the back porch is pretty epic.
Nothing quite beats finally spotting the winding, trout-filled body of water after a long hike in.
The trail gets rougher and rockier as you get higher as fewer people make it up this high.
Arriving at the summit, the Paloozians are rewarded with a view of a pristine alpine lake.
Bill making his way along the trail, gamely holding painful memories of altitude sickness at bay
Near the summit, you could tell the oxygen had dropped quite a bit. Time for a nice water break.
It didn't take long before we were pass timber line and high above Winter Park Ski Resort.
Milo has gotten better at fishing over the years. Here he is hauling in his first brook of the day.
Five Paloozian heroes near the old railroad bridge, right before starting the hike over the pass.
After the long hike, the boys rewarded themselves with Ditch burgers.
Now in Boulder, the Paloozians partook in Micheal's famous bloodies.
Smalls moved seats and hung out with Zoe in the Buff student section.
The boys stayed back on the west side and baked in the September sun.
Zoe hung out with the Paloozians all day, including a post-game visit to Avery Brewing for dins.
The best thing about Brooklyn's is the back porch, which is always filled with orange-clad fans.
The Paloozians gather at the summit marker for a group pic and a chance to catch their breath.
Brooklyn's has long been a Paloozian staple for Broncos pregame libations.
High atop the majestic Rockies, the Paloozians bid you farewell. Until next year in Las Vegas!
We watched the Broncos take another one on the chin, this time to the Chicago Bears.
With the Palooza Van packed and ready to roll eastward, we bid farewell to the glorious log palace.
Thrilled to have survived his brush with elevation, Bill settles in for a night at Red Rocks.
Greensky Bluegrass was the featured act as the moon rose above the famed Red Rocks stage.
The undefeated Buffs quickly got up 10-0 on Air Force and then screwed the pooch and lost in OT.
With a rare 11am Buff kickoff, we were out in full force by 9am to prepare for the day's action.