"Release The Nut Bush"
The trip got off to an
epic start when our
boy Seanie decided
he'd like some
asshole's gum to get
all over his shorts.
Ten minutes in and
we knew we were in
for a great trip.
Jimmy's oval included Truman's "The Buck Stops Here" sign and a sack of salty nuts.
It wasn't Franklin's but  was pretty decent and had great cocktails.
After a two-hour drive to Alabama, it was time for a little college football, Auburn-style.
Aaaah, the annual tradition of Al sleeping wherever continues.
Like every team in the SEC, the Auburn fans take their home game tailgating seriously.
Milo treated us with
some special toilet
paper roses that he
practiced making back
at Club Chupa for the
better part of the
summer. It was a nice
touch and a welcome
respite from usual
Paloozian debauchery.
Well done, Milo!
Milo and Al make there way into Martin's childhood home to escape the Atlanta heat.
Day One
Then the team comes out and all hell breaks loose. Not quite LSU level but darn close.
Leave it to Sean to find the one comedic item in the Carter store.
MLK was born at this house and preached down the street.
To get all the fans fired up early, the cheerleaders and band walk around the field.
After dinner it was time for brews and blues at Blind Willie's.
The Tigers used a strong running game and stout defense to knock off Arkansas.
All was fine until this piece of shit showed up to get an Auburn jersey at halftime. Booo!
Our final day in Atlanta was spent at Mercedes-Benz Stadium for Falcons-Saints.
The Paloozians flash their bear paws with the Coca-Cola Bear.
Don't let these apples fool you...shredded pork sammies and beer would soon follow.
And the frat boys all wear jackets and orange ties on gameday.
We saw the Braves beat  the Phillies in their new ballpark. Good dogs. Bad boiled nuts.
The church where  young MLK preached and hosted his funeral.
Day two was cultural day for the Paloozians and a stop at the Jimmy Carter Library.
The pulpit where he announced his opposition to the Vietnam War.
Jimmy was a so-so president but has had BY FAR the best post-presidency. Great guy.
From Jimmy's house we headed over to the MLK memorial.
We stayed in a huge house with something like 7 bedrooms and nothing much to break.
For the first time in Palooza history, we saw two Nobels in 1 day.
Yeah, we kinda got suckered in by the name, but Bone Lick was pretty good BBQ.
Then it got turned up a
notch when we
realized Tyson's ex,
Robin Givens was on
our flight. But yeah,
let's just say that she
didn't seem like she
wanted to be
recognized by
anyone--and definitely
not by a hord of
Day Two
They're big fans of this guy Hank Aaron, who Sean and Craig met in the late 90's.
A poster celebrating the life of Anthony Bourdain was the feature outside the CNN Store.
Needless to say, these muffins lasted for about 32 seconds on the Palooza table.
After the tour we got to sample about 200 Coke beverages from around the world.
Behold the amazing creme brulee muffins at Sun In My Belly. An all-time great muffin.
The worlds longest elevator and the scariest ride of Milo's life.
Afer the Coke Tour, a few Paloozians crossed Centennial Park in search of more action.
Cultural Day moved onto CNN (just weeks before a bomb threat).
So Craig, Sean and Milo stopped by the College Football Hall of Fame for a few hours.
Live coverage of pre-testimony coverage of Christine Blase-Ford.
Yes, of course, Ralphie was a prominent feature of the mascot exhibit.
Yep, the invented the notion of syrup and the soda fountain.
Later that night, Milo fires up the gramps glasses to decide on his meal at KR Steak Bar.
But Milo did put on a dazzling display of agility.
Here's Smalls' meal, which can only be described as bypass-enducing. Mmmm...gravy!
Before heading out to Auburn, we had our best meal of the trip.
We kicked things off with the best fried green tomatoes ever.
A little pre-game pizza and beer at the Mellow Mushroom.
Bo Jackson looms large and in bronze outside the stadium.
At the famed Toomer's, Smalls met this spirited Tiger cheerleader.
To cap off a busy day of action, we headed out to see the Braves.
Luckily Sean had his glove handy to catch a homer near Chick-fil-A.
Craig clutching the Olympic torch as he recalls his glory days.
The skills test proved to a bit too much for the aging Paloozians.
Al looking very happy about the hearty list of "Brunch Cocktails".
Day Three
Day Four
The Atlanta fans don't get nearly the credit they deserve--it's a great place to see a game.
The original Coca-Cola bottle-carrying tray that inspired the "six pack".
After breakfast, we headed over to the World of Coca-Cola, which was pretty cool.
Day Five
The Falcons banner made it's way up the stands in our section. Here's Sean doing his part.
Inside the stadium we bumped into the former champ, Evander Holyfield. Nice ear, pal.
We again close things out with
a poignant but painful shot of
Sean's post-palooza breakfast.
Seriously Sean, just one little
carrot? Please tell us you at
least washed all this down
with an IPA!!  

Until next year...
You'd think he asked them for a pic but the camera was theirs.