"Locked & Loaded"
All buckled in and ready to begin Palooza XVIII.
The first beverages are always good--Deep Ellum IPA & Texas Sours.
Pepe & Mito's was our first stop for some Tex-Mex.
Deep Ellum is covered in graffiti--some meant specifically for us.
Craig flashing some Paloozian gang symbols to alert the locals.
The Paloozians make their way to The Deep Ellum Brewery.
B-Luv hangin at the corner of Malcolm X & Taylor.
Captain America buying Wonder Woman panties.
Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders in action from their go-go stations.
The Colonel is alive and well and living in Dallas.
And he has the fingernails of a dainty old woman.
Palooza concluded with one of the greatest regular season games in
NFL history, as the still undefeated Denver Broncos came back to
win 51-48 in a game that broke dozens of records.  Another chapter
in the books and quite a solid one at that.  Until next year, boys.
Sean takes over the mic to belt out G&R's "Mr Brownstone".
And here's the fool dancing on top of the bar.
Our midnight stop at Fuel City Tacos with pledgling Mike Gaudet.
Day two started with a tour of The Park at Arlington.
It was a muggy night, which made the cold IPA's that much better.
The Paloozian hijinx generally kicks in around 8pm on night one.
It took us five minutes to figure this bar out.
On to "Wits End" we went, where we chilled for the next few hours.
Al mistakenly wandered into the shooting range.
Despite Al's Navajo lineage, Sean proved to be the best archer.
The paloozians looking quite spry, knowing Rudy's was up next.
A repeated detour to Irving led us right to Comi-Con Dallas.
Some cast members of Breaking Bad where there talking shop.
It was a bit of freak show with the cosplay types.
The view from the Rangers press box, complete with iPhone 6.
Dents from Rangers hitters frustrated by the Angels' Jered Weaver.
The closest Al came to falling asleep this year.  
Milo tossing a bean bag outside of the stadium.
Inside AT&T. If you have the means, I highly recommend it.
Pappas Bros Steakhouse was $725 worth of booyah.
I think we made our archery guide a bit nervous.
Sir, please, please don't try to shoot live animals.
We finally arrived at Rudy's for some delicious smoked meats.
Smokes sausage, baby backs, brisket, pork tenderloin, all so good.
All this woman learned was to avoid Paloozians.
AT&T Stadium is essentially an alien spaceship for football.
The halftime show put on by Notre Dame was pretty awesome.
The historical display of the Cotton Bowl.
Notre Dame held off Arizona St to win 37-34.
The view of the go-go cheer stages from the Dr Pepper patio.
The Paloozians meet to ensure Sean gets that face on film again.
Our final day always equates to an awesome breakfast.
Milo and Bill both contemplating their pending caloric intake.
After trying to eat lite, Sean talked himself into this monstrosity.
The undefeated Broncos passed us on the way to the game.
Y'all don't look like you're from around here.
The top right window was Lee Harvey's fave.
Here's the view from inside, as it looked the day that JFK was shot.
Sean tried to steal a ball from the batting cages.
Apparently this is where W goes when he wants to take in a game.
The view from above one of the main standing-room-only areas.
Day One
The sweet view from our rooms at the Hyatt.
Day One
Day Three
Day Two
Go grab a saddle and I'll let you ride me for $20.
Day Four