"Rogue Nation"
The Paloozians arrive in Portland, ready for battle.
B-Luv was at the hotel lobby waiting for us with beers in hand.
The new panorama mode on the iPhone made it much easier to capture how Sean looks most days.
The Pyschadelic Furs perform in an old vaudville theater.
Al reporting on our every move outside Powell's.
The sugary goodness of VooDoo Donuts is pretty amazing.
Bill gets ready to dig into bowl of fruit loops with a side donut.
The full view of the pre-game crowd at Taylor's.  It was no Earl's on the Ave but it was solid.
This might be the prettiest stadium walk anywhere.
We did our very best to keep Portland weird.  But it seems to be doing just fine all on it's own.
No Sean, don't wag the finger of dismay at the camera!!
As the trees clear, Autzen Stadium appears from out of nowhere.
You even cross the Willamette River on the way to Autzen.
The crown jewel--the bacon covered maple bar.
We then headed to Deschutes Brewery for brews and dinner.
God is apparently rooting for the Ducks.
Milo and Craig kicking back before the Oregon-Washington game.
Craig & Al enjoy donuts, coffee and perfect 70 degree weather.
One of the coolest waterfalls in the country--Multnomah Falls.
Less than 24 hours in...the sleeping Al appears.
The boys at the middle tier of the falls, just moments before the ascent from hell began.
Our first stop was the Rogue Brew-Pub for some refreshment.
Rogue has a wide assortment of beers and a pretty cool design style that's uniquely theirs.
But it was obviously worthy of trying to lick my camera.
Seriously, this place was brimming with wood piled upon wood.
In Eugene, the Paloozians hit Taylor's for some pre-game fun.
Milo seems to be saying "I know exactly what's next to me."
The Paloozians take a break to pose at the top of the falls.
Your standard, bearded PNW alt-rock, indie band + banjo dude.
"Gravy" held up it's end of the bargain.  Tasty.
Mirror Pond is just better with wooden beavers.
The precarious view from the top of the falls.
Our evening at The Doug Fir Lounge involved a lot of wood.
Al and Bill, a couple of guys who should be behind bars.
The view of the Columbia River from inside the Full Sail Brew-Pub.
The Ducks come charging into the stadium.  They won big that day.
Our final brewery visit--the Widmer Gasthaus.
Craig looking deathly serious as he starts pondering Palooza 2013.
Milando likes anything associated with Nike.
Bill walking through the Oregon campus.
A delicious Session Lager meets its demise at the hands of Craig.
Al grinds out another massive breakfast at The Screen Door.
I have no idea what these guys were laughing so hard about.
Test Copy
Stacks and stacks of cases of Session Lager.
Test Copy
Test Copy
Test Copy
Test Copy
If you've never been to Autzen, it's worth the trip.  Super loud and super convenient.